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Would you like to see Lotusphere session PDF's/links in sessions db?

Sun 28 Jan 2007, 11:44 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Since we still have a replicatable database on (Tranquility/TurtlePublic), would people be interested in the session PDF's or links to them being put in the sessions db, where it could be replicated down?  I am fully aware that I can't just add PDF's without permission, but if speakers send me permission, I should be able to add those plus samples, or better yet, links to the speaker website where the data would be stored.  Is this something I should take on?  If so, would speakers out there send me an e-mail with links to where their updated presentations and demos are posted.  For example, my two contributions would be:

BP203 Integrating WYSIWYG Web Editors with IBM Lotus Domino (link to presentations/demo dbs)
SpeedGeeking - Geeks have Layers, too (link to demo db)

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What has been said:

552.1. Jean-Yves
(29/01/2007 04:58)

Hi Ben,

It would be a great idea. +1


552.2. Jackie H
(01/29/2007 07:00 AM)

I would love that kind of capability so I could go right back to the sessions I scheduled for myself and then jump from there to the data - rather than plowing through my notes for all the various websites. Thanks!

552.3. Joe Litton
(01/29/2007 08:32 AM)

YES! This would be wonderful. Last year I downloaded as many of the presentations as were available from the Lotusphere online site, and emailed a presenter or two for their sessions. I added all of that to the database you'd been kind enough to provide. I've just begun doing that again this year. To have the presentations and samples available from the sessions database would be WONDERFUL.

552.4. Roberto Boccadoro
(01/29/2007 09:15 AM)

I am more than willing to share both my presentation and the hands-on lab exercises for the session I gave, HND 106. Let me know if you want this.


552.5. Seshagiri Sriram
(01/29/2007 02:33 PM)

Most definitely. Count me in.

552.6. Ted Hardenburgh
(01/29/2007 05:39 PM)

Great Idea! Would make an already great app, even more useful as a repository for those who couldn't attend in a company.