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Beta in a beta for OpenSesame?

Tue 13 Mar 2007, 11:22 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I am considering whether to start a beta of some of our OpenSesame utilities for ODF that would coincide with the public beta for Notes 8.  This would allow people to try out tighter integration with the productivity editors (now renamed to Lotus Documents, Lotus Presentations and Lotus Spreadsheets, by the way) right from the start, but I don't know whether the mix of two betas would be annoying or helpful.  Obviously, it would be helpful to us, as it would allow release of at least some of the utilities along with Notes 8, but would it be helpful to developers/users who wanted to have a full picture of what they could accomplish with Notes 8?

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What has been said:

567.1. Milos Lapis
(03/13/2007 08:16 AM)


I am not sure if I have enough time for testing both betas but it definitely helps us to prepare our strategy and development plans. At least, please, publish the concept and architecture of OpenSesame + brief description of API interface.


Milos Lapis


567.2. Stephen Hood
(03/13/2007 08:26 AM)

The full picture would be very useful even if you don't do a beta. These kinds of tools and the possibilities are the kinds of things people need to know *now* as part of the decision and planning process for the future - even if they aren't ready to execute a beta for you. If you lead it's a potentially larger market down the road..

I think the double beta might be tricky right now - but the possibilities they represent would be very useful to the community at large.

But I'm sure there are some gung ho devs that are willing to prove me wrong and get started today :)

567.3. Samuel deHuszar Allen
(03/13/2007 10:53 AM)

I am all over that beta. Not sure if my Java is up to snuff (or is it all COM based?), but I'd love to play. If it's COM based then boohoo for me. I'm running all Linux for at present.

567.4. Darren Oliver
(13/03/2007 23:14)

I would like to know more about OpenSesame - I may be a bit slow but I can't seem to find what OpenSesame actually is? If it provides the missing COM access to the productivity editors in the Notes 8 beta now (or something similar) then I'd be very interested in looking at it.