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A request for CoexLinks users

Tue 13 Mar 2007, 11:51 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
If you have or have used CoexLinks, either for your own company or another, I'd like to ask a small favor.  Could you visit the Migration software for Exchange which lists CoexLinks as about the third item, and add your rating, and possibly a comment if you have something you would like to say?  We don't do much advertising at all, but people do see these sorts of pages, and it would be nice if they saw more than three votes cast for CoexLinks (although the average rating of 3.67 isn't too bad).  Thanks in advance!

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What has been said:

568.1. Doug Finner
(03/25/2007 04:29 AM)


Just catching up with a zillion blog posts and ran across this one today. I've voted and commented. Sorry about the delay.