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Wonderful meal at the Moosewood Restaurant

Thu 5 Apr 2007, 10:59 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
We've been off visiting colleges (hence the silence here) with my older son, and it has been the usual stressful, but fascinating, experience.  The only certain thing seems to be that however his sister reacted to a college, whether he knows how she felt or not, he will react in almost the opposite way.

But one special event along the way was a real treat.  My wife and I have long enjoyed the Moosewood cookbooks, and have equally long talked about getting to Ithaca and trying out the Moosewood Restaurant.  The day before yesterday, we finally made it, and it was even better than anticipated.  The food was both excellent and interesting, including the tofulafel I had, which sounds a bit weird, but was delicious.  Everybody, including the kids, liked their meals, and it was practically reason enough to make a trip to Ithaca.  Yum!

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What has been said:

576.1. Stephanie Boissonnas
(04/05/2007 08:55 AM)

Glad you enjoyed the restaurant! If your son or daughter ever have any questions about life in Ithaca, I'd be happy to help answer them - I grew up there and attended Cornell. (And I've been a Notes developer ever since...) Thanks for the shout-out to my hometown!

576.2. Richard Schwartz
(04/05/2007 08:48 PM)

The reason I didn't go to Cornell: I visited for two days after getting my acceptance, and exactly two people smiled while I was there. One was my cousin, who was a grad student. The other was a young lady who said "Hi" to me when she walked past while I was sitting on the curb waiting for the bus home. But by then it was too late. My mind was already made up.

I later found out that my visit coincided with mid-terms, so perhaps it wasn't quite a fair sample of the real atmosphere on campus.

576.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(04/06/2007 06:22 AM)

Stephanie - Thanks! I'll keep you in mind if he decides to go that way. He liked Cornell, but currently ranks it third among the schools he has seen.

Rich - Sounds like a good reason to me. I have no idea how things might be different now, though, as I presume it has been at least a few years since you were looking.

576.4. Stephanie Boissonnas
(04/09/2007 07:46 AM)

Well, the weather in Ithaca is indeed pretty rotten most of the time during the school year. People start getting grumpy after endless weeks of grey skies... (But yes, mid-terms were particularly tense on campus regardless of the weather.)

Ben, all the best to your son and the decisions he has ahead of him!