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Wow, what a game!

Fri 1 Jun 2007, 07:43 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I'm no basketball expert, but LeBron James was amazing last night, and the rest of the Cavaliers were intense the whole way through to allow him to be.  I'm exhausted just having watched the game.  I also have to say that I actually feel sorry for the Piston fans.  With double overtime and the game neck and neck virtually the entire way, it would have been a heartbreaker to lose.  (Of course, if somebody has to break their hearts, I'm OK with it being Cleveland.)

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What has been said:

597.1. Roberto Boccadoro
(06/01/2007 08:24 AM)

Give LaBron a decent team and we're ready to see the 6 Bulls titles show once again.

He is awesome.

597.2. Dwight Wilbanks
(06/01/2007 03:02 PM)

Now it all makes sense, I expected you to be in Boston this week. But, you had a higher calling.