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OOXML files to exceed HTML files on web in 3+ years!

Wed 22 Aug 2007, 09:23 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
A blog called InsideMicrosoft (which I am sure is completely unbiased), quotes my post Another update on ODF vs. OOXML file counts, or at least the Slashdot spin on my post.  The InsideMicrosoft post, ODF Outnumbers Open XML 162,700 To 1993 On The Internet, confirms my prediction that "a dedicated Microsoftie could spin this in a positive way", and in fact predicts that OOXML document growth will continue to "triple every three months", so, as they show:
August: 1993
November: 6000
February 2008: 18,000
May 2008: 54,000
August 2008: 162,000
November 2008: 486,000
February 2009: 1.5 million
May 2009: 4.5 million
August 2009: 13.5 million
November 2009: 40 million
February 2010: 120 million
May 2010: 360 million
August 2010: over 1 billion
But since InsideMicrosoft confidently expects this growth to continue, why stop there?  Extrapolating from their steady predicted growth rate, they implicitly predict:
November 2010: over 3 billion
February 2011: over 9 billionSince there are only a few more than 4 billion HTML documents on the web after 18 years, and since that count grew only a small percentage in the past three months (2.8% to be more precise), it is quite clear that InsideMicrosoft is predicting that OOXML documents will overtake HTML documents sometime in the next three and a half years.

Wow!  And you heard it here first.

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618.1. JYR
(26/08/2007 18:22)

Hehehehe, good extrapolation! :-))