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IBM joins community with a pretty serious commitment

Mon 10 Sep 2007, 11:56 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
As others have noted already, IBM and have announced that IBM is contributing both code and resources to  Andy Updegrove has a good writup of the facts and possible implications.

One item jumped out at me.  IBM is dedicating approximately 35 developers to this effort.  Holy cow!  I am highly tempted to point out that IBM sometimes seems resistant to dedicating one developer to Notes rich text, but that might be snarky of me.  Still, it might explain to some naysayers why I am focusing on OpenSesame these days.

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What has been said:

625.1. Brian Green
(09/17/2007 01:34 PM)

Ben, Do you think IBM will ever introduce a better Rich Text type in the Lotus Notes client? A new field type named "Rich Text (ODF)" would seem important going forward. They could preserve the existing field type.

Our tech writers abandoned Lotus Notes as a rich editor. We're using a product called AuthorIT. Members of a documentation team really do need advanced tools, well beyond the simple Rich Text editor in Lotus Notes. As a content system, Lotus Notes rich text is, well you know, not so great here in 2007.

Does ODF have the potential to replace MIME for email? Or even HTML?