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My annual reminder: update your copyright to 2008

Thu 3 Jan 2008, 07:49 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I have no idea why this bugs me so, but I hate it when I go to a site in March and it still says the previous year's date.  I notice that still says 2007, as does, once you dig down to a copyright, so you could be ahead of these large corporations.  Just a friendly reminder (I don't start really getting annoying for another couple of weeks).

Copyright 2008 Genii Software Ltd.

What has been said:

650.1. Bruce Elgort
(01/05/2008 12:09 PM)

Um.....why not code it serverside to use the system clock?

650.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/05/2008 12:35 PM)

Some choose to go that way. As for me, I feel that is akin to adjusting the scale rather than losing the weight. There is something about having to actually remember (my Dad is a Presbytarian minister, so I get all Calvinist on occasion - don't take it too seriously).

On the other hand, it does make you wonder why the Microsoft's and IBM's of the world don't take that approach. It is probably questionable from a strictly legal point of view since the copyright would look different than it had if you went back to an archived version.