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Announcing... Lotusphere Sessions DB 2008 V2

Tue 8 Jan 2008, 11:15 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
For those who have waited to download our 8th annual Lotusphere Sessions db until it was a bit more complete, it is ready.  For those who already downloaded the database, you can just use the action in the views to replicate the changes down.  Either way, all the BOF sessions are now there, as well as several corrected sessions (not time/location, just odd characters).  Also, as I will post in a separate post, there is an exciting new feature which allows you to ask questions or make suggestions to the speakers of the various sessions.  Not sure whether BP201 will address your specific needs, just go to the on-line Session BP201 and use the Ask a Question action.  You can also go to the Q&A tab of any session and see if others have asked questions already.

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What has been said:

651.1. Keith Brooks
(01/08/2008 01:53 PM)

Ben you out done yourself, now to see which speakers take questions and use your db,

Maybe you can publish a % of users that are speaking :-)

651.2. Lars Berntrop-Bos
(01/09/2008 06:31 AM)

Cheers Ben!

Although whenI tried to use it to plan sessions, my calendar got filled with weird times. Turns out the correct times will be set if the following lines are used in the 'Create Personal Calendar Entry' agent:

' Set start and end times

Set dtStart = docSession.GetFirstItem("BeginTime").DateTimeValue

Set dtEnd = docSession.GetFirstItem("EndTime").DateTimeValue