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Is PlanetLotus just crack for ASWs?

Fri 28 Mar 2008, 09:28 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
You know who you are!  Posting five or six times a day with provocative titles just to drive up your hits and get a coveted place on the "Hot Blogs" list, or better yet, get a post in the "What's Hot" list of posts.  It's not good for you.  It's not healthy.  Do some real work, get out more, and stop obsessively checking PlanetLotus every twenty minutes to see how many hits you have gotten.  

You know who you are!

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What has been said:

688.1. Craig
(03/28/2008 06:37 AM)

I'd vote 'yes', but to the title in general w/o the elaboration.

688.2. Charles Robinson
(03/28/2008 06:54 AM)

I'm probably one of the few who doesn't use PlanetLotus. It's just not that useful to me, for the same reason you're venting here. No offense to Yancey, I think he did an amazing job providing an aggregator. I just wish people weren't abusing it.

688.3. Jamie Jenkins
(03/28/2008 07:22 AM)

I'm still a mix of RSS feeds and PlanetLotus.

Your right, there is a lot of chaff and redundancy on PlanetLotus, that's why I still cling to RSS. Right now though, PlanetLotus is better for me because I put the mobile edition on my sidebar. Once RSS feeds get a bit better in Notes that may change.

And I agree, Yancey has done an outstanding job with his site.

And - I saw this post in my RSS first . . .

688.4. Craig
(03/28/2008 07:33 AM)

@2 - Ahhh, now you've embarrassed me. I DO think Yancey's done a great job, but as with any tool it can be used in many ways, depending on what drives you.

688.5. Craig
(03/28/2008 07:34 AM)

is there the smallest bit of irony in Mr. RichText not allowing any...?

688.6. Andy Pedisich
(03/28/2008 08:16 AM)

I've had to stop clicking on some high ranking links with tantalizing subjects because they are generally shallow. But that's just me.

688.7. Carl Tyler
(03/28/2008 08:43 AM)

I need to look at planet lotus more. I just use Google reader so I think I might be missing a bunch of stuff. I also had to look up what a ASW was ha ha.

688.8. Ulrich Krause
(28.03.2008 09:09)

Can someone pls. explain a dumb German what an ASW is??

688.9. Ben Langhinrichs
(03/28/2008 09:19 AM)

Ulrich - It stands for Attention Seeking Whore, and it basically means those bloggers who drive traffic to their sites to make sure everybody notices them.

688.10. Yancy Lent
(03/28/2008 10:00 AM)

Does that make me a pimp? ;)

688.11. Volker Weber
(03/28/2008 12:00 PM)

Only if you collect the money.

688.12. Joe Litton
(03/28/2008 12:22 PM)

It might be crack for some. But for me, Planet Lotus is a REAL easy way to keep tabs on the blogs via BlackBerry when I'm waiting for a meeting to start or riding in a car, etc.

688.13. Mika Heinonen
(03/28/2008 01:48 PM)

For one day I was also on the "What's Hot!"

I need to make more provocative titles to get there more often :)

Bah, and look who's talking:

"What's Hot

Is PlanetLotus just crack for ASWs?

160 Ben Langhinrichs 9:28a [Preview Available. Click to View.]

ASWA: It wasn't you

159 Ben Langhinrichs 12:18p"