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What did you use for your last resumé?

Thu 21 Aug 2008, 10:47 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
In a post called Just the vector, Viktor...a whole lot of them, Rob Novak mentions that he and his crew need to create resumés for a client, and, as he says,
I last wrote a resume in 1993 using PFS: First Choice on the laptop provided for my first Masters' degree.
Daniel Lieber commented that his last resumé was written in Ami Pro 3.  This got me to thinking...

When did you least create or update your resumé?  (Hint: If it was last week and your current employer doesn't know, you might want to ignore that one)

What software or format did you use?

I'd be interested in hearing people's answers.  I created my last resumé in 1997, or possibly 1998, using DeScribe 5.0 under OS/2, and I am pretty sure I then printed it out.  I don't remember what the data format was.  The one before that I actually typed on a typewriter (cringe).

How about you? Anybody use ODF?  OOXML?

DeScribe word processor for OS/2

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What has been said:

702.1. Carl Tyler
(08/21/2008 09:34 AM)

Very first CV was written in IBM Writing Assistant on a PC Jr.

Next CV was written with XEDIT but was IBM SCRIPT/SGML

Next CV Ami Pro 2.0, then 3.0, then Word Pro.

Most recent one was MS Word.

702.2. Dave Armstrong
(08/21/2008 09:52 AM)

I filled out the resume forms on, and I just pull myself up and copy/paste whenever I need a resume.

I mean, really...using desktop software to create a resume? How old-skool. :)

702.3. Grant Lindsay
(08/21/2008 09:53 AM)

I keep an (relatively) up-to-date one on-line (using XHTML and CSS).

It still boggles my mind--boggles, I tells ya--how many times I get asked to provide a resume in "Word format." I tell them I have an up-to-date HTML version, always available, printable, etc.

"That's great," they'll say. "Can we get a Word version?"


702.4. Keith Brooks
(08/21/2008 10:46 AM)

Sure word these days because headhunters don't know what html is.

Had it on my website, should update it.

Tried some resume writing software but the best information is still from John Lucht and website.

Originally wrote resumes in Wordperfect all those years ago and still have those versions, plus 100's others fromt he years in a directory on my latop and some in the drawer of the file cabinet to show my kids some day what paper was for :-)

Now use linkedin as a resume updater.

702.5. Colin Williams
(21/08/2008 12:55 p.m.)

My second CV was done in DeScribe (I assume v5 based on your screen shot) and printed to an Epson dot matrix printer. Yuk! That must have been at least 13 odd years ago if I'm doing my maths correctly. I have no idea what happened to it...lost in the mists of time.

My first was done on a brother typewriter (daisy wheel) that had a one line LCD and memory so that copies could be easiliy "re-typed".

Most recently my tool of convenience has been Word 2003.

702.6. Rob Weir
(08/21/2008 03:46 PM)

My last resume was in 1991, using WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS) on an PS/2. Before that it was IBM Writing Assistant on a PC jr.

702.7. Doug Finner
(08/21/2008 05:08 PM)

My first resume was done on an IBM Selectic that was a time sharing terminal on an IBM 360. It was basically a program of 'print' statements. I could get it perfect, then print it on high quality bond paper which was what you had to do back then. What the non-techies did was pay someone a buncha money to do the typing - each copy an original...that 360 saved me tons of cash.

My second resume was probably written with something like Word 1 or 2 for Windows or possibly Lotus Symphony.

Most recent one was with a more recent version of Word.

702.8. Philip Storry
(22/08/2008 04:59)

My most recent one was written in Microsoft Word.

Actually, that's only half true - it was written in WordPerfect, then exported as a Word document, a PDF document, and text. I then prettified the Word document version, fixing formatting issues, and imported that into StarOffice and produced a version there.

But, predictably, the only one that anyone ever wanted or used as the Word document...

702.9. Philip Storry
(22/08/2008 05:03)

Oh, one further point - all of that was done in 2002-2004.

For this job (moved in 2007), I just edited the Word version and inserted a new section on the Word version. So technically the answer is Word, but to be honest adding a new heading, some text and a few bullet points doesn't really feel like "writing a CV". It was more of a service pack release...

That was also the last time I used Word at home - my computers are now Word free.

(And loving it.)

702.10. Patrick Montavon
(08/22/2008 07:19 AM)

My first résumé was done using a plain ol' typewriter in the early 80s. No typos allowed, yanno. Doh! Yes, I'm that old, but not old enough to have forgotten about it.

Retyped and updated it over the years using various programs like Lotus Symphony, WordStar200, Winword 2 etc. Basically the most popular one at a given time.

Last update occurred in 2001 using Word '97.

Today I'd use OpenOffice since that's the only suite left on my home machine. :)

702.11. Vitor Pereira
(23-08-2008 17:40)

Yes, my most recent update was last week and yes my current employer doesn't know.

I used Symphony and then exported to PDF.

702.12. Ben Langhinrichs
(08/23/2008 07:28 PM)

@Vitor - Well, and this is an unusual sentiment for me, I hope your employer does not read my blog.

702.13. Vitor Pereira
(08/24/2008 07:30 AM)

@Ben - No worries, I wish my employer knew what a blog is. :-)

702.14. Joe Litton
(08/25/2008 08:53 AM)

I am old enough that I have typed resumes on a MANUAL typewriter.

My first electronically-created resume was done with Lotus 1-2-3 (easy way to get columns)

Latest (4-5 yrs ago) was either done with Open Office or MS-Word, but most sites seemed to want plain text pasted in (for easy searching).

I've been committing the home machines to open source, so anything new would be done with Open Office.

702.15. Pedro Quaresma
(08/26/2008 05:31 AM)

I try to keep mine up to date regularly, and I use OpenOffice to do it.

I normally use the export to PDF functionality and that's the format I use, but I do get the "can you please send it in Word format?" occasionally. In those cases, I save it on OpenOffice but always try to check how it looks on a Windows box with MS Office installed

702.16. Charles Robinson
(08/26/2008 06:10 AM)

The latest was created in Word 2003, then copied and pasted into Notepad. Pretty much everything online wants a text version, which means the formatting goes wonky and you have to get creative with highlighting.

I tried opening the Word doc in OpenOffice but the formatting went a little crazy, and copying and pasting it from Word to OpenOffice gave similar results. I don't have an ODT or OOXML version.