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I got in and he didn't (bragging rights)

Fri 12 Dec 2008, 12:54 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
This is probably pretty silly to blog about, but I just found out something that astounds me.  I am a graduate of Swarthmore College, Class of '84, but I interviewed with the Class of '83 and then deferred for a year to go on an exchange program.  It turns out somebody else applied to Swarthmore College the same year I did, but didn't get in... President-Elect Barack Obama!  He had to make do with Occidental College for two years and then Columbia University for the last two, poor fellow.

That's right, I got in and he didn't!  (Picture me doing a happy dance)

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What has been said:

736.1. Dan Sickles
(12/12/2008 10:29 AM)

So when he says "that's above my pay grade", you're the guy ;-)

736.2. Rodney Scott
(12/12/2008 04:20 PM)

That's a good school! Do you mind my asking what you studied there? Did you choose what truly interested you or what you thought might be a safe route/pay well in the future? My own occupation has little to do with my degree, but I'm still happy I studied what truly interested me.

736.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(12/12/2008 04:52 PM)

I majored in Latin American Studies (history, poli sci, Spanish Lat. Am. literature, mostly). My son is at the University of Chicago, and I tell him to study whatever fascinates him. You only get thebenefit of a liberal arts education once - don't waste it on "practicality".

What did you study?

736.4. Rodney Scott
(12/12/2008 06:36 PM)

I studied psychology, but everybody did. I swear the jobs in that field actually offer less compensation to those who admit they have a degree, so I switched to law (everybody did that too). My life was enriched a great deal by what I learned, though, career included.

736.5. Bill
(12/14/2008 06:48 AM)

And hey - lets not be modest here -I bet Mr Obama isnt the most successful third party LSX developer IN THE WORLD! You are!

In fact, I can imagine that should Mr Obama attempt to even write an LSX, he'll probably fail miserably.

So Ben - we all know - YOU ROCK.

Pity your not president but the other chappie seemed quite good at that.. Looking forward to this January 20th thingie, when he gets the launch codes or something like that,

---* Bill