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According to Google: As rich text goes, so goes Lotus Notes

Tue 16 Dec 2008, 10:55 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
On Ed Brill's blog, I saw mention of Google Trends, and decided to do a bit of playing.  The results were surprising to me.  First, look at the stunning similarity in the two charts below.  Although someone wiser might hesitate to assume causal relationships, it seems clear to me that Google is saying that:

  • As "rich text" goes, so goes "Lotus Notes".  (Bah humbug to those who dismiss rich text!)
  • There are more searches for "rich text" than for "Lotus Notes", fairly consistently.  Who'd have thought it?
  • One of the six most important "rich text" news items in the past five years was our release of the Midas Rich Text C++ API.

Honestly, would you have thought any of those three things before reading this post?  Of course, it does raise the additional question of how any reputable organization could put out a chart with no scale for the Y axis?

Google Trends for Lotus Notes

Google Trends for rich text

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