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CoexLinks 3.0 with High Fidelity to beta in January

Fri 2 Jan 2009, 08:00 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
As I described before in All your base are belong to IBM, Part 1, there are terrible problems with emails rendered with Notes 8 (or 7 or 6.5 or 6) and sent to non-Notes mail systems such as Outlook or GMail.  Not being a company to just gripe about problems, we at Genii Software have enhanced our CoexLinks product to add a whole new superset of functionality called High Fidelity.  In this post, I will gradually add examples of messages sent from Notes 8 to GMail or Outlook, and how badly they are corrupted.  I will also add images showing how the same e-mail appears when sent through CoexLink 3.0, the beta of which will be released later this month.

For those who think I am exaggerating the problem, consider whether the Notes mail created and sent  below should arrive in Outlook looking as it does.  Imagine your customer receiving this email.  What would he or she think of your company?

Notes e-mail sent to external client

Notes email version sent

Outlook version which arrived

Outlook email version arrived

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What has been said:

745.1. Nathan T. Freeman
(01/02/2009 05:46 AM)

I gotta be honest, Ben. If that first message arrived with full fidelity, I'd think a lot less of the sender than if the second message arrived.

745.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/02/2009 06:26 AM)

Nathan - I'm promising high fidelity, not taste. Nonetheless, even if the Notes e-mail is garish, it looks more 2009 than the Outlook version, which looks fairly 1999. The old style crude HTML borders are so unpopular and icky looking that Gmail automatically converts them to then Notes-style borders, even if it is not specified. Unfortunately, Outlook and other e-mail clients do not.

The point is, your email should arrive looking like it was sent. Sending attractive emails is then up to the sender