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Sending a message... to IBM

Mon 12 Jan 2009, 05:45 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I am a huge fan of Lotus Notes.  I have based my business, my livelihood, my children's college educations, on Lotus Notes.  But I believe one can applaud the product while still raising hell about a deficiency in it.  I have been accused, perhaps fairly, in coming up with an extreme case of formatting that would not normally be expected to render properly.  So, I decided to go back to basics and try again with IBM's formatting.  The following is the Notes Client (8.0.1) Help topic "Sending a message" which I got to via Help - Help Contents - Lotus Notes - Mail - Sending a message.  It would be hard to argue that this is not something a user would see, or formatting that would not be used, yet after IBM's MIME conversion, it renders like a nicely formatted web page from which someone deleted the CSS file.

Help topic, copied into a mail message (with the colors, fonts and everything matched as closely as I could)

Help topic in Notes rich text

That message in MS Outlook 2003 (after IBM's MIME conversion)

Help topic sent to Outlook with IBM conversion

That message in Notes 8.0.1 client after being mailed through the Internet (after IBM's MIME conversion)

Help topic in Notes after IBM's MIME conversion

That message in MS Outlook 2003 (after Genii's conversion)

Help topic in Outlook after iFidelity's MIME conversion

So what is the message to IBM?  Well, you can try this one:

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What has been said:

759.1. Chuck Hauble
(01/12/2009 05:00 AM)

Ben, just curious.. are you letting the server do the conversion or are you sending as mime format from the client..

759.2. Chuck Hauble
(01/12/2009 06:19 AM)

I whole heartedly agree that the conversion is astonishingly bad.. thanks for the update.. is there a beta of you new tool to try out?

759.3. Chuck Hauble
(01/12/2009 06:21 AM)

any better in 8.5?