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Downright close to being where Notes was in 1995

Fri 6 Feb 2009, 01:19 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
As I was browsing on Planet Lotus, I happened to notice on the "Latest Twitter" a comment from Alan Lepofsky:
alanlepo: Gmail is getting more usable all the time. Now if they just had tables, and made it easy to paste in images, I'd be a happy camper. 12:43p
Cambridge, MA, USA
So, if only Gmail had features that we took for granted in Lotus Notes back in 1995, it would be downright close to being usable.  Tells you something, doesn't it?

Update: As Carl correctly points out, tables and pasting images were both introduced in 1991 in Lotus Notes 2.0, so even earlier than I mention.  I simply picked the year I started using Notes extensively.

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What has been said:

783.1. Carl Tyler
(02/06/2009 10:45 AM)

I thought Tables were long before 1995?

783.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/06/2009 10:49 AM)

@Carl - Probably. I just picked the first year I remember using them. I'll make a note of that in the main article.

783.3. Craig Wiseman
(02/06/2009 11:17 AM)

I'm just glad the Notes' rich text handling has improved so much since 1995.

783.4. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/06/2009 12:38 PM)

@Craig - Don't get me started. Just don't get me started.

783.5. Alan Lepofsky
(02/06/2009 08:01 PM)

There are many "great new things in 2.0" are things that Notes is 10* better at!