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Website fixed

Mon 16 Mar 2009, 03:11 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Website fixed.  I haven't had it confirmed yet, but I think some bozo at DDN set UsingDominoCompleteDoctype=1 on my server without warning me.  Nothing like half a day wasted over something stupid.

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What has been said:

802.1. Colin Williams
(16/03/2009 01:34 p.m.)

That setting was bound to trip someone up eventually. I'd always hoped it would be database specific.

802.2. Henning Heinz
(16.03.2009 15:49)

Well you can use $$HTML FrontMatter. It is not db specific but at least works with every form.

If your css does not work and you are using a page for it you could check if the mimetype is text/css. You can define a custom mimetype for every page and the default is not text. Firefox normally only throws a warning but there could be doctypes where it will go from warning to ignore mode.

I use the CompleteDocType on every server. It brings IE out of Quirksmode which is a good thing.Sorry is you were all aware of this.

802.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(03/16/2009 04:18 PM)

It is odd, as it has the right mimetype and everything. I will play with it more, as I would actually like it to work out of quirks mode, but I'd rather do it on my schedule.

As for $HTMLFrontMatter, it won't work as the server is 7.0.3, but I might be able to get DDN to upgrade to 8 or 8.5.