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Prettiest girl at the bar?

Wed 9 Sep 2009, 07:48 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I loved the humor in this Foxtrot, but it also made me think about Lotus Notes.  So read it, and once you stop laughing, look below for my thoughts...
I think people forget sometimes that the "prettiest girl at the bar" is a relative term (and if you think that means your cousin, Cindy, is the prettiest girl at the bar, it may be time to find a new bar).  You can't tell whether a person or product or idea is the "prettiest" in isolation.  For example, there may be some who gag a bit at the idea of Lotus Notes as the prettiest girl at the bar, especially those on older versions, but they haven't looked around the bar recently.  Let's take a look, shall we?  
Your eyes are immediately drawn to the girl at the end of the bar, sitting alone with her head in the clouds.  Perhaps she is the prettiest.  So you walk closer, but the closer you get, the more your radar starts sounding warning signals.  Besides her google-eyed stare, there is something not quite right about her proportions. She looked cute and appealing from a distance, but closer up you realize that she is a lot bigger than you thought  (no, not there, everywhere), and there is something not quite right.  In fact, you are not entirely sure she is what she seems, even as far as the issue of gender.  You beat a hasty retreat.
So, you look the other way down the bar, over by the windows.  You smile in recognition at the girl down there.  You have seen her around, on the arm of every guy in town, for years and years... and years.  You start to approach, but as you get closer, you start to think about just how many guys you have seen her with.  You also notice her steely look at any other female about, giving them a look that says she knows that the only way for her to be the prettiest girl in the bar any more is to be the ONLY girl in the bar.  You shudder a bit and move no closer.
Then you look back to where you were sitting.  You take note of the fact that the woman there is a woman, not just a girl, and while she isn't young, she has grown more attractive with age.  She isn't a stunner, let's be honest, but the more you look, the more her unique look grows on you.  She seems the sort who would be a good companion as well as a good dancer.  Maybe it is time to head back where you started; maybe the prettiest girl at the bar was sitting next to you all along.

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What has been said:

870.1. Ian Randall
(09/09/2009 01:52 PM)

That pretty woman you are talking about is only just turning 20.

While the girl near the window was born in November 1997 which makes her jail bait at just under 13, however the google-eyed girl with her head in the clouds is only a baby of 7 weeks (after a 273 week gestation period).

870.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(09/09/2009 02:06 PM)

@Ian - LOL. Puts it in perspective. I guess it would be a bad time to suggest dog-years?

870.3. Kevin Pettitt
(09/09/2009 04:00 PM)

I just want to know: What's up with all these underage girls in a bar?

870.4. Bill Dorge
(09/09/2009 04:38 PM)

This is great!! Just hope no one get's sensitive about her unique look. :-)

870.5. Hanspeter Jochmann
(09/10/2009 08:13 AM)

Well written ....