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Tell me about Events at LS2010

Thu 7 Jan 2010, 02:16 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I have most of the session information in, so I am adding special events, meetings, parties, whatever to the 10th Annual Lotusphere Sessions db.  As an example, the Open NTF Annual Meeting is scheduled, as is the event below.  Let me know here or by email or however you like, and I'll add your event or party (or golf outing or volleyball game or ...)

Ice Cream Tuesdae Event at Lotusphere 2010

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What has been said:

886.1. Craig Wiseman
(01/07/2010 07:37 PM)

Ok, I'll bite:

Why would you include an invitation only event in there? Other than to say, "Nyahh nyahh"....

886.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/07/2010 09:00 PM)

Hmm, perhaps to encourage people to ask for invitations. I've gone to Lotusphere for 15 years, and many of the events have been "invitation-only," which clues me in that I need to find somebody to invite me before I show up uninvited.

Obviously, if I have no interest in Penumbra and don't know anybody in Penumbra, I'm likely to be turned down, but if it turns out I have a huge CoexEdit installation and know Ben Langhinrichs, perhaps I'll mosey on over and ask if he has a Golden Ticket.

886.3. Craig Wiseman
(01/07/2010 09:03 PM)

Ah, well that makes sense (unsurprisingly).

886.4. Jo Ann
(01/08/2010 09:16 PM)

Hi Ben,

I love the database. It gives me something else to work on between midnight and 2:00 AM.

Will the repeats be added to the database?

Thank You !!