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We picked the right week, I think

Sat 9 Jan 2010, 02:56 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Currently, in Orlando it is 33 degrees Fahrenheit.  One week from now, when I am scheduled to land in Orlando for Lotusphere, it is supposed to be 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  Given the 20+ inches of snow I have shovelled in the past three days, I'd prefer that latter, please.

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What has been said:

888.1. Richard Moy
(01/09/2010 08:45 PM)

I hope you are right. So many times I went there is it was so cold for the Sunday party. See you down there.

888.2. Thomas Rickert
(09.01.2010 21:36)

We got some snow as well in Germany so this could be a good alternative. See you in Orlando.

888.3. Steve Castledine
(01/10/2010 12:10 PM)

Same here - looks like we might have melted a little in England for the travel time as well. This weekend would have been a little more difficult.

888.4. Christian Tillmanns
(10.01.2010 17:52)

Sissys... ;-)

888.5. Volker Weber
(01/10/2010 08:38 PM)

Hoping for the best.