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The very first resource for a beginning XPages developer?

Mon 10 Jan 2011, 11:22 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Imagine somebody who know a lot about Lotus Notes/Domino, has been a developer of classic Notes applications for years, knows LotusScript and formula language, and only minor amounts of JavaScript or Java.  If that person asked you for the most intro level, what-is-it-and-how-do-I-start resource, is there a page in Designer help, or a presentation from a previous conference, or a wiki or something to hand that person?

I have had this question asked of me, even asked the question myself at one point, and I wonder if people could agree on some place "to start".  It is fine to add places to go next, but most of all, where do they start?

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What has been said:

953.1. Matt White
(01/10/2011 04:29 PM)

The best round up of useful sites can be found at

<Advert Alert>My site, offers a full series of videos which start from the assumption of no XPages knowledge and work from there.</Advert Alert>]

953.2. Paul Withers
(10/01/2011 16:41)

The sites Matt mentions are very good. [Episode 2 of The XCast also discussed beginning to learn XPages.

I would also strongly suggest bookmarking for trying to get to grips with html/css/javascript syntax

953.3. paul gagnon
(01/10/2011 04:42 PM)

TLCC. They gave away their first course called "Intro to Domino Designer 8.5". Not sure if it is still available, but also a great place to start, nonetheless.

953.4. Niklas Heidloff
(01/10/2011 04:44 PM)

Of course I agree with Matt :) regarding, and provide a good overview for new XPages developers. The home page is more targetted to XPages developers who want to stay up to date with daily news.

953.5. mark myers
(10/01/2011 17:13)

+1 on Matts, I started xpages via

953.6. Chris Miller
(01/10/2011 06:00 PM)

And just today we launched the custom XPages search

953.7. Mark Hughes
(01/10/2011 06:01 PM)

uhhhh, How about, it is free and has great content for beginning xpages dev!!!!

953.8. Mark Hughes
(01/10/2011 06:04 PM)

oh yeah is a video site, so there is allot of getting started videos one i think is 50 minutes long

953.9. Joe Singer
(01/10/2011 06:40 PM)

I am an owner of Vigilus LLC.

I am looking for advanced Xpages developers to upgrade a mature Lotus Notes application.

Please contact me at


Joe Singer

953.10. Simon O'Doherty
(01/11/2011 09:26 AM)

Personally, Notesin9, Domino wiki and

Haven't tried the TLCC stuff but normally gets a good review from people I know who have.

953.11. Peter Presnell
(01/11/2011 03:02 PM)

I suspect the answer to that question in a few weeks time will be the book being written by IBM on the subject. and David Leedy's new Cheat Sheet are also excellent free resources! The TLCC courses are also great.