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One lucky winner

Mon 17 Jan 2011, 09:14 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
One lucky winner...

Thousands of customers, IBMers, business partners, developers, administrators, executives, press, bloggers and more will soon descend on Orlando, headed for Lotusphere 2011.  Among those thousands, though he or she doesn't know it yet, will be one very lucky winner.

It might be a customer who runs a large university network who stumbles upon CUST109 University of Zurich: Implementing IBM Lotus Notes in a Heterogenous Client Environment and is mesmerized by what they have done and can't even wait for the end of the session to get on his BlackBerry and barrage his colleagues back home with ideas.

It might be a developer who is struggling with the C API, and strikes up a conversation with Daniel Nashed at the Sunday Reception, and learns more in half an hour than she has in the past six weeks.

It might be a frequent Sharepoint blogger who recently took a job with an IBM Business Partner who sees FUN103 Bloggers Annual Lotusphere Dinner (BALD) and finds a friendly and supportive community.

It might be a new Domino administrator from Saint-Étienne, France who looks at the recently added Additional Resources tab in the sessions database and sees two books in French, Lotus Domino 8.5 Administration ; Tome 1, Installation et configuration and Tome 2, Gestion et optimisation, and sees that he can order them directly from in euros and have them waiting when he returns,

It might be the lonely geek who sits at a table at lunch with an assortment of other strangers, and starts listening to the ultra-smart young woman next to him until he knows that he doesn't just want her business card, he wants her home number as she is someone who he could imagine talking to every day of his life.

It might be the business partner who has prowled around the noisy Showcase floor for two hours, unable to find a solution her customer needs, and then sees the perfect answer in RainbowSync in the Virtual Showcase of the Sessions db.

It might be the IBMer whose 9 year-old daughter gets to pose with HERMIONE HERSELF at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on Wednesday night.

It might be the manager of a small company  who is trying to find out more about Tivoli Directory Integrator, but has a meeting which conflicts with SHOW105 Assemble 'n Go: Integrate Data and Directories with Tivoli Directory Integrator, but sees on the Additional Resources tab that those same two speaks have also done two free webinars for the Consultant in Your Pocket series, TDI - the administrator perspective and TDI - the development perspective. After watching that night in his hotel room, he is so impressed with the two that he orders their book, IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials.

It might be the business partner who listens to a brilliant and concise description of XPages from a developer whose insight seems as deep as his knowledge, and finds out that the developer is unemployed and hasn't yet gotten snapped up by Group.

Lotusphere.  It's all about the one lucky winner.  You never know, this year it might be YOU.

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958.1. Wes Morgan
(02/10/2011 08:43 PM)

It might be the IBMer who gets to hear a customer explain (usually over a beer) how they're using IBM technology in a way its designers never considered, with great results...