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Presenting three, possibly four, sessions at EntwicklerCamp

Wed 16 Feb 2011, 12:13 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Having avoid giving presentations for a while, I'm diving deep into the pool in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. I have two scheduled sessions already, and it appears that due to the illness of another speaker, I may do one or two more. The sessions I am definitely doing are:

Web Editors - CKEditor and Others
Montag, 21.02.2011 at 13.45-15.15 

A version of the CKEditor is now included with Domino 8.5.x. We will discuss how to use it in your applications, how to enhance it with custom settings, and when to use one of the other editors available. Related issues of Notes/Web coexistence will also be discussed. 

Spicing Up XPages with Classic Notes Development
Mittwoch, 23.02.2011 at 09.00-10.30 

In this session, we will explore ways to use the classic Notes development techniques and tools to enhance the Web 2.0 and XPages applications you are building today. Formula language, LotusScript and C API tricks and expertise don't have to be tossed out when you develop with the newer tools. Your will be given examples to take away as well as ideas to explore on your own. 

The sessions I might do are:

Putting Layers to the Test
Unknown date & time

This session will show a whole new array of techniques using layers, including techniques for building layers in DXL in Notes 8.5.x, and for using layers in any Notes version from Notes 6 onward. Discover tricks to create interactive layer techniques that will empower your applications in ways you didn't think possible.

Rich Text Tips, Tricks & Techniques
Unknown date & time

Explores many cool techniques available in Notes rich text that may surprise even experienced developers. From tips a user can perform to tricks and techniques for developers, these will open your eyes to the power of Notes Rich Text.

I'd be happy to see any of you there. I should note, there will be a special offer for Genii Software products to those who attend. Details at the conference.

Update: I'll be doing the Rich Text session and not the layers. Should be fun to update it a bit over next few days.

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What has been said:

979.1. Rudi
(17.02.2011 10:00)

Great.. looking forward to the sessions.