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Beer-money book-release scavenger hunt

Wed 1 Jun 2011, 10:13 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
This is for all those who have ever promised to buy me a beer at Lotusphere (I don't drink beer), or for those I owe a beer (I will get to it). I have the distinct pleasure of announcing the release of my first ebook, Savage Fire, a collection of short stories including horror, humor, thrills and chills, with the title story about Victorian zombies. What does that have to do with beer? First, it's about the cost of a cheap American beer in a slightly seedy bar, $2.99. Second, I'll do a drawing from the first ten people who buy the book and let me know, and the winner will get a $10 Amazon gift certificate, which would free up beer money for upgrading to a better quality of beer in a slightly less seedy bar.

OK, so we've covered beer-money (spending/getting). We've covered book-release (I've added the cover below to whet your appetite). What about scavenger hunt?

There is a well known couple in the Notes community who volunteered their names for use as characters in two different stories.  Each person who buys the book and discovers their names (his full name is used, while only her first name is used) can send me a private email telling me which names and stories, and I'll mark you down for a free copy of my next short story collection, featuring more family-friendly content, called Rock the Monkey House, which will be coming out this summer. If you know who the people are, or are those people, don't tell!

Successful scavenger(s) so far: Jason Hook

Buy 'Savage Fire' on (US) for $2.99

Savage Fire cover

Buy 'Savage Fire' on (US) for $2.99

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What has been said:

991.1. Libby
(06/01/2011 05:10 PM)

Congrats on the publication, Ben - I've bought a Kindle copy and can't wait to read it! Gotta support the folks, right?1

991.2. Bill Buchan
(06/01/2011 05:13 PM)

Got it too. Congratulations! I know an actual Author!


---* Bill

991.3. Jason
(01/06/2011 17:15)

It was easier to DM you. So I did that. Good luck with sales!

991.4. Ben Langhinrichs
(06/01/2011 05:31 PM)

Thank you so much, Libby, Bill and Jason! Your support means a lot to me (and I hope you enjoy the stories).

As you'll see above, Jason is the first to complete the scavenger hunt. I'll add people as they contact me.