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Midas released in 1997 - first time for this since 1998

Fri 17 Jun 2011, 03:05 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
The Midas Rich Text LSX was first released in July 1997. It has evolved and shifted and changed over the years, adding new methods and properties to support major new functionality, but one thing has not changed since 1998, and that is the list of classes:

GeniiSession (represents the entire session, but rarely used. Added for 1.00, July 1997)
GeniiRTItem (represents a rich text instance and the note which contains it. Added for 1.00, July 1997)
GeniiRTChunk (represents a defined chunk of a GeniiRTItem. Added for 1.00, July 1997)
GeniiRTComparison (utility class for comparing two GeniiRTItems. Added for 1.40, July 1998)

After thirteen years, we are adding a new class in our next version (coming shortly). Can you guess what it is? I will give one clue, which is to say it is not functionality-based like the GeniiRTComparison, but instead is another generalized class that could contain lots of methods and properties.

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What has been said:

993.1. Thomas Duff
(06/18/2011 12:08 AM)

GeniiXPages? :)

993.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(06/18/2011 01:48 AM)

No, nothing to do with XPages, though it will help facilitate some mobile access. Another clue is that it won't make the name of the LSX any less relevant.