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I am not an IBM champion

Thu 12 Sep 2013, 10:21 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I understand that it is an honor for many to be named an IBM champion, and I cheer their efforts and recognition. I understand that my products have enhanced IBM's offerings in many ways, and my coexistence products have even made it possible for a lot of IBM customers to continue using IBM's offerings. Maybe that would be enough for some to consider me an IBM champion.

But I am not. I am a champion for my customers, regardless of what technologies they choose. I help people moving to IBM offerings, help people moving from IBM offerings and help people who are using IBM offerings. While all my products have something to do with IBM's offerings, that is simply a matter of what I have had time and inclination to create. It may change. It may not.

I sometimes recommend IBM's products. I sometimes recommend their competitors. IBM sometimes recommends my products. Their competitors sometimes recommend my products. It is all business. Raw, naked capitalism, as Ray Ozzie described it at Lotusphere one year. 

I am not an IBM champion nor an IBM detractor, and I do not particularly expect IBM to be a Genii Software champion or detractor either. We coexist, usually happily. That is enough.

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What has been said:

1034.1. Turtle
(09/13/2013 12:50 AM)

Ben, you need a LIKE button.

1034.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(09/13/2013 09:29 AM)

Turtle - It's not a bad idea.

1034.3. Eric Mack
(09/13/2013 11:32 AM)

Ben, I agree with your post but would like to point out that there are multiple sides to this. Yours is certainly valid. There is also the point of what IBM Marketing wants. Finally, and the side I appreciate, is that IBM is recognizing folks that have and are making a valuable contribution to the community. In that regard, you are a champion.

Best regards,