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Thu 19 Sep 2013, 11:04 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Kibbles and bits. Kibbles and bits. And ePublishing (.epub) and Web Archive (.mht) and HTML/XHTML (.htm) and so forth. Specifically, I'm working on finishing up the Midas LSX V5 Help database so that I can generate an ePublishing version, a Web Archive version and an XHTML version all from the Notes database that I will (of course) maintain. These are both to give people a sense of how those work and to offer the content in various formats that might be useful. For now, I am playing with the ePublishing version to see what works best there. It will all be driven by the same documents, but in ePub, the contents view is slimmed down some. Here are a couple of snapshots of the work-in-progress. Future projects are to take the Notes 9 Designer Help and convert it to ePub, which will be trickier because it is not in a simple Help db anymore.

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