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Thu 17 Oct 2013, 12:46 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
To give you an idea of the fidelity you can get with the Midas LSX V5, this is a page from the IBM Notes 9 Social Edition Client help db that I posted yesterday in an EPUB version. The entire agent used to create this complete database conversion are below. (I added a page for the Cover image, but otherwise touched nothing in the database.) If you want to try this sort of export for yourself, request an evaluation license of the Midas LSX V5 today.

Dim gColl As New GeniiCollection 
Dim rtCover As New Geniirtitem

Call rtCover.ConnectPageBody("""help\help9_client.nsf""NotesClientHelp cover")
If gColl.AddByView("","help\help9_client.nsf""CNTS") > 0 Then
   Call gColl.ExportToEPub("c:\demo\NotesClientHelp.epub""Title=Subject Sort=No Expand=3 Threadmap='yes'", rtCover)
End if   

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