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Tue 3 Feb 2015, 09:04 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I don't tend to spend much energy on certifications and such. After all, either our products do what you need them to do at a price you can afford, or you don't give a wiggly wombat whether we are business partners or whether our software is certified to zap bugs while it does the dishes.

But we have been quietly setting up to support resellers for CoexLinks Fidelity, and it only seems fair to them to have some spiffy IBM certification since they don't have the advantage of my rapier sharp wit and winning smile to convince customers to part with their hard earned money. Thus, I went through the steps and got a listing for CoexLinks Fidelity in the Global Solutions Directory, and then applied for the Ready for Social Business mark. To their credit, IBM was very thorough about this, and I had my online meetings and did the dog-and-pony show with a friendly gent from IBM. Today, I got an email that we have been approved, along with links to a bunch of legal obligations about the size and spacing and so forth, which mostly seem to indicate that we shouldn't try to confuse you in any way that this is an IBM certification, and not some sort of endorsement or anything.

So, with all appropriate fanfare, and giving lots of space to reassure the lawyers...

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Next thing you know you'll be filing your IPO. Congrats Ben! :-)