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What email fidelity really means

Tue 22 Aug 2017, 11:41 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I got a few questions from people at MWLUG about what CoexLinks Fidelity is, and what exactly 'email fidelity' might look like. Rather than just talk, you can try for yourself. Note: our newer CoexLinks Migrate and CoexLinks Journal products use the same rendering engine internally. If you submit your email address below, you will get twelve messages to the email address you used. Six will be sent using the normal Domino 9.0.1 email engine, then the same six will be sent rendered by CoexLinks Fidelity. Compare and decide whether your company and your clients would be well served with email fidelity, or whether your migration would be safer with it. If you want to try CoexLinks Fidelity for yourself, just fill out an evaluation request, and we'll get you set up. To find out about the other two products, click on the links for each product above.
No, we won't spam you endlessly if you give us your email. It is only used for this demo and a quick follow up afterwards to make sure your questions have been answered.

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What has been said:

1088.1. Eric Mack
(08/22/2017 12:49 PM)


Fidelity is so important, as you rightly point out. I just finished evaluating the migration results of two migration tools for a client that is moving from Notes to Outlook. While the text and attachments migrated, I found a disparity between formatting, embedded images and rich text(often stripped).

When these items were stripped, information and meaning is lost.

Happy to share if you want to contact me privately.

1088.2. Eric Mack
(08/22/2017 12:53 PM)

As a follow-up, because of my focus on workplace productivity, I evaluated the migration not only of the email but also calendar and tasks. The products my client used had vastly different results on the migration of Tasks and Calendar entries compared to the Email. I would have expected the fidelity to be the same within each product but my findings revealed differences. Amazing.

1088.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(08/22/2017 01:16 PM)

Thanks. Most migration tools use one of the standard rendering engines in Notes/Domino, which leaves a lot to be desired. The problem is, you can't replace just a part of it, but have to duplicate everything, even the stuff it does handle already.

I'd be happy to put our CoexLinks Migrate up against others. We are determined to be the best, and to keep improving where anybody finds areas that need it (though we try to find them all first). I appreciate you chiming in, and will contact you separately with a few more details.

1088.4. Eric Mack
(08/23/2017 05:57 PM)

Ben. Do your migration tools also migrate calendar and Tasks with the same full fidelity? You can contact me by email to discuss.


1088.5. Ben Langhinrichs
(08/23/2017 08:30 PM)

Eric- Yes, they do, at least if you are migrating to a system that supports such formatting. I don't think Google Calendar does, but Outlook does, and Notes does even though it doesn't export the formatting. I will be in touch. -Ben