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Changes coming in the new year

Fri 20 Dec 2019, 12:58 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
HCL released Version 11 of Notes/Domino today with a combination of exciting new features and some less exciting holdovers from previous versions. Customers and partners should realize that this is a journey, not a destination. I'm exciting by some of the developments, and disappointed that others couldn't be made in time, but given HCL's forward-looking philosophy, I am confident there will be more enhancements coming.
Meanwhile, here at Genii Software, we have been working on how best to support our customers. The new release and new ownership of Notes/Domino have led to a fork in the road for many companies. Some are waking up to the fact that you must invest in a product and an environment to make the most of it, and therefore are getting back on maintenance for Notes/Domino and also spending some long-needed resources on their applications and infrastructure. Some of that investment is in internal retooling, and some is in buying products and services that can help get the maximum total ROI. Companies who have decided that Notes and Verse mail are the smart choice are deciding to spend a bit extra and get CoexLinks Fidelity to ensure the best outward experience for their partners, customers, and employees. Similarly, some are looking at AppsFidelity to upgrade their applications, or are working with us to build more powerful REST interfaces for round-trip access and updating of application data. Others are dusting off applications that may have used the Midas LSX for a dozen years or more and seeing what new features and functions they can add in an HCL Nomad world.
But the other side of the fork is those companies who are finally choosing to migrate the last parts of their Domino infrastructure away. These customers are increasingly looking to the Midas LSX for high fidelity JSON, HTML, CSV, and other data migration needs, whether the destination is SharePoint, Confluence, Zendesk, or a multitude of other systems. We are spending more time with services, something we've limited in the past, but are opening up to. Most of the software functionality is already in place, but we have realized that the licensing aspects have confused people. With that in mind, we will be removing the Midas LSX+Midas Exports combination and simply selling the Midas LSX. But since the pricing will have to shift to accommodate the new uses, we will split the licensing somewhat so that there is a less expensive "classic" Midas LSX without migration for those companies using the rich text manipulation and design creation features, and then have the full Midas LSX experience with migration pricing built in. More details will follow in January.
There is also another product in the works that will combine some other features in a Node JS package, empowering those embracing the NERD/DERN stack as well as other developers using Node with other software environments. All in all, 2020 looks to be an exciting year for us, and we hope, for you.
Image by Marco Verch with source here using license here.

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