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DEV2003 #1 - New Features in LotusScript in ND6

Thanks to those who attended. I was very impressed with the energy and commitment to learning in the session. I would appreciate any feedback either for those in Germany who were able to attend the session and others who have a chance to read the slides and try out the demo database.

If you were not able to be at Developer 2003, you missed a very impressive conference. It was a small conference (fewer than 100 people), but the people were excited and asked great questions and the ninety minute sessions (longer than some conferences, including Lotusphere) felt barely long enough.

The demo database here does not require any third party products. I also showed the Valid Links sample which I have included on the page for the other presentation I did at Developer 2003, which included much of the content from BP103 at Lotusphere, along with some significant new content on Tips and Tricks and some new and modified demos. Also, click here to see some of the presentations made by Penumbra Group members recently.

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