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Civility in critiquing the ideas of others is no vice. Rudeness in defending your own ideas is no virtue.

Thu 29 Apr 2010, 11:15 AM
Sometimes you have to read between the lines.  In one of those innocuous stories that AOL and CNN love to pick up, Malcolm Gladwell, William P. Young, & Dan Brown Top "Most Highlighted Passages of All Time" List on Amazon Kindle, there is the wonderful quote:
"AmazonKindle also introduces a "Popular Highlights" feature that identifies the passages that are most highlighted by the millions of Kindle customers. We combine the highlights of all Kindle customers and identify the passages with the most highlights. The resulting Popular Highlights help readers to focus on passages that are meaningful to the greatest number of people."
Of course, as a few people have noted on Twitter, this means that Amazon can, and does, track every bit of text you underline.  Never thought of that when you decided to buy the Kindle version rather than the printed book, did you?  Who gets to see what you think is worthy of underlining, and what other uses are made of the information?

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Wed 21 Apr 2010, 08:19 AM
Have you noticed how many stories recently refer to prom dates?  What people are allowed to wear, whom they are allowed to take, what is allowed to be said, what kinds of dances are allowed, etc.  Lots of social issues including gay/lesbian rights, free speech rights, sexual mores, and they are all being played out surrounding prom.  Courts are getting involved.  Newspapers and other media are involved.  Has this always been true, or is this a recent phenomenon?  I remember that when I was ready to go to prom, I deliberated between one girl who was black and one who was white, but my decision came down to which seemed more likely to say yes rather than color (interracial dating was a big issue in the 1970's -- by 2004, when my daughter went with a black prom date, it was televised nationally, but not an issue).

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Sun 11 Apr 2010, 04:45 PM
I have a fairy tale up on the following site, but a dark fairy tale, not bunnies and cuddles.  There are some other fascinating stories in this issue, all of which are based around Beauty and the Beast (not the Disney version, but the original).  Come on over and check it out.

If you stop by, leave a comment so that I (and the editors) know you have been there.

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Wed 7 Apr 2010, 03:30 PM
We have had some phone support issues in the past couple of days.  It turns out, the phone provider used by the Turtle Partnership went belly-up, a victim of the economic stresses of the day.  Fortunately, there are always new providers, so new numbers are now available.  At the same time, I thought it might be a good idea to reiterate the support email addresses

E-mail support will be provided twenty four hours a day, and is recommended, as it allows both support groups to access the information provided and respond in a timely manner.  E-mail should be directed to the support address for each product group:

E-mail support for CoexEdit:  
E-mail support for CoexLinks:  
E-mail support for iFidelity and iFidelity Gateway:  
E-mail support for Midas Rich Text LSX and Midas Rich Text C++ API:  

Phone support will be available from 8am to 6pm GMT, or in the United States from 8am to 3pm EDT.  The numbers to use are:

From the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America: +1 (216) 920-4378
From Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia: +44 (0) 208 099 8324

In an emergency, or after hours, customers may still contact Genii Software at its sales number at +1 (216) 991-5220.

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Mon 5 Apr 2010, 04:27 PM
Upgrading all Midas releases to 4.31, so the website will be in a bit of a flux today.  Please be patient while we update all the links and pages and such.  Thanks!

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Thu 1 Apr 2010, 09:57 PM
I don't often post reviews of books, but I picked this book up for my son, and after reading it, felt it deserved a bit of a spotlight.  So, for those very few of you who read my posts and are interested...

Review: The Zombie-Wilson Diaries Four stars out of five Link to Amazon entry 
I have not read a lot of zombie stories, preferring science fiction or regular fiction, but the title and tag-line of this book caught my attention. I worried at first that the "gag" of a man stranded on an island with just a zombie "girlfriend" would wear out, but the book was a pleasant surprise. Written as a journal, the book is very humorous but also does a great job exploring the ramifications for the main character dealing with being isolated with just a non-communicative zombie. The titles of the journal entries are inspired, with names such as "My Girlfriend has Crabs." The double meanings are entertaing to try and figure out, and the actual meanings are often different than I expected.

Overall, a fun read, and an enjoyable romp through the zombie stereotypes in a very different setting. As a warning, the story starts a bit slowly, but picks up steam as the main character gets stranded and the adventures begin. Do yourself a favor and pick this up to read on a trip or at the beach. 

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