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Lotusphere 2010

Genii Software's 10th Annual Lotusphere Agenda Database for PDA Synching and Session Planning

Back by popular demand, we have built a Journal database containing all the sessions listed on the official Lotusphere site.

Version 2.0 available now. Websphere Portal sessions added, Global Forum sessions added, RIM sessions added, people added, etc. etc.

If you have ideas about how to make it spiffier than ever, you can make suggestions at or you can just plan your own.

BlackBerry logoThe wonderful people at The Turtle Partnership have created a Blackberry version of this db, which updates automatically as this db updates. Instructions are available on this page.

iPhone logoLast year, Tim Davis of The Turtle Partnership designed an awesome new iPhone version just for you (and thousands of your closest Lotusphere buddies, of course). He has improved it even more this year. See this page for instructions.