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Full updated version of BP102 session slides

Mon 2 Feb 2004, 10:27 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I played with the idea of turning this into a PDF, but for the sake of getting it out there sooner rather than later, here is the full PRZ (freelance version) of my presentation from Lotusphere, BP102 Advanced Lotus Notes/Web Coexistence.  If I later create a PDF, I'll add it to the LS2004_BP102 page and update this blog entry.

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What has been said:

107.1. Duffbert
(02/03/2004 05:14 AM)

For a real quick way to turn something into a PDF, go to You can download the free driver and print to the driver. That's what I did for my presentation, and Joe Litton did the same thing in about five minutes...

107.2. Scott Kingery
(02/04/2004 03:30 PM)

I discovered the Freelance viewer available on Lotus' site blows up in Windows XP. Frustated I dragged the presentation into a New Memo in Notes 6, right clicked on it and selected view. Viola! Gotta luv Notes. Then printed it to PDF via the above utility.

107.3. joe maz
(23/09/2004 12:00 AM)

you are a genius scotty. been scratching my head with the "free" viewer from lotus on xp. work in notes 6

107.4. Kien Huynh
(01/12/2005 05:30 PM)

Thanks Scott. I can view PRZ file from within Lotus 6.5.