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The moment you have been waiting for... Lotusphere Sessions DB 2006

Mon 19 Dec 2005, 02:23 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
People obviously can't wait, because there are already a number of hits on the Lotusphere 2006 Sessions DB page.  But now, it is actually available.  This is our sixth annual sessions db made available in Journal format that is suitable for synching with your PDA, or for just general browsing.  Actually, there is much more functionality for general browsing, fun and scheduling this year!  The database is available at LS2006_SessionsDB.  As before, it appears that IBM is not planning on releasing their own database, so I figured I'd better do it again.  Rocky, who has started working for IBM this year, has indicated that just maybe there will be a link to our sessions database again this year on the official Lotusphere page, perhaps even a bit earlier.

One change this year is that many of the folks from the fabulous Penumbra group, of which I am a humble member, have joined in to contribute ideas, features and functions to the database.  Some are already there, such as the Topic Cloud, and several are held back for the on-line version that we will offer this year.

This database is free for you to use either as is or with modifications.  If you make interesting changes, or build another tool around it such as a web services or .NET interface or whatever, let me know and I'll provide a link (or just update my db if you like) on the webpage.  Feel free to point anyone to this post or to the page directly.

I am not doing a session this year, by the way, but I will have a pedestal (#604) and will be showing CoexEdit, finalist for the 2006 Lotus Award (aka Beacon) for Best Tool/Utility.  I'll also be showing CoexLinks and the Midas Rich Text LSX, so drop on down and find me and see the cool stuff you can do when thinking outside the box.

P.S. If you don't have any other reason to download the database, how about the first public sneak peek at the CULT shirt for this year?  Just look for my name and look under the CULT tab.  You know you want to.

Copyright 2005 Genii Software Ltd.

What has been said:

409.1. Duffbert
(12/19/2005 12:24 PM)

As always... Thank you *so* much for the time and effort you put into this. It's greatly appreciated.

409.2. Rod Stauffer
(12/20/2005 01:11 AM)


409.3. Phil Randolph
(12/20/2005 05:09 AM)

Ben, thanks for heading this up each year! It is always such a helpful way to organize what sessions and other get-togethers to attend at Lotusphere each year.

409.4. Tim Latta
(12/20/2005 10:54 AM)

Thanks again, Ben.

409.5. Jackie Horowitz
(12/21/2005 01:01 PM)


Thanks for your database once again this year! There are two folders I have added in years past, and this year as well. I add one folder based on the Calendar view that I call My Sessions and another folder based on the By Day By Time view that I call My Sessions by Date/Time/Location (adding in the SessionLocation). I find both of these useful when I am reviewing my session list with my boss and she's giving me her wishlist. It's easier than going through it in my personal calendar since we don't share our calendars. Also, I use the by Date/Time/Location folder alot to figure out what to do with my conflicts - especially since sometimes the location will help to determine which session I go to.