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Get it while its hot! LS 2009 Sessions db with BOFs, repeats, more.

Thu 18 Dec 2008, 10:20 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
The preview version has been out almost a month, but today Version 1 is available with all times and dates including BOFs.  Repeat times are available as well.  Obviously, there will be additional changes to people and exhibitors and all, so you should replicate occasionally (or even schedule it) to keep up to date.  I will post more later about the Q&A feature, which has been enhanced this year

Download the Lotusphere 2009 Sessions db

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What has been said:

741.1. Rod Stauffer
(12/18/2008 10:10 AM)

Thanks Ben!

741.2. Bob Brodsky
(12/18/2008 10:45 AM)

Hi Ben,

Thanks for this great app!

The Repeats indicator seems to be getting duplicated in the views since both TITLE and SESSIONID carry the indicator :(

Please Keep up the Great work,


741.3. Sjaak Ursinus
(23-12-2008 02:35)

What is the state of the iPhone version ?

Is it already given to apple for approvement for the app store ?

741.4. Byron Pojol
(12/25/2008 04:37 PM)


741.5. kaat degryse
(05-01-2009 07:53)

Hello Ben,

thank you for this tool. Great for planning.

I did need to make a correction to use the calendar views tough. The dates in the first column are in 2008 in stead of 2009 .



741.6. Tim Haugen
(01/15/2009 01:29 PM)

Hey Ben,

Thanks as well... BTW - CUST101 seems to be missing? Not sure if there might be others. I noticed this one because I'm one of the speakers, and figured I should probably have it on my calendar ;-)