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The long awaited day has come (what will Bob ask now?)

Fri 27 Mar 2009, 07:50 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
After eight years, numerous questions at the "Meet the Developers" sessions, and Bob Balaban rejoining IBM, then leaving again, the long awaited update to the LSX Toolkit (renamed through IBM legal mumbo jumbo to the IBM LotusScript eXtension Toolkit).  Scott Morris of IBM, who has been diligently working through the various issues, enhancements and bugs, sent a copy to a few of the more vociferous squeaky wheels, but he assured me it will be posted publicly sometime between today and next Tuesday, depending on how long it takes the IBM website people to get it up there (or, as some snarky people would say, properly hide it so that it will be difficult to find).

I haven't had time to properly test out the new "Toolkit formerly known as the LSX Toolkit", but a few quick items jump out.  The Java Adapter has been removed (a lightly used feature of a not-ever-so-popular toolkit, it just didn't warrant the effort to make it work properly, I guess).  All the myriad new classes added to the Notes base classes since R5 have been added so they can be used.  Windows 64 and 32 bit versions are supported, but OS/2 is no more, nor is Solaris Intel version.  There appear to have been updates and clean ups and a general attempt to make the darn thing ready for 2009 and Notes 8/8.5.

I'm excited.  How about you?  (Of course, now Bob has to find a new question for the Meet the Developers session.  Any suggestions?)

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What has been said:

807.1. Karsten Lehmann
(27.03.2009 05:47)

"When will DXL roundtrip?" :-)

807.2. Karl-Henry Martinsson
(03/27/2009 07:55 AM)

Well, Bill already kind of took the question about true round-trip DXL, perhaps that will be the new "first question" for the next 8 years, or how long it will take IBM to fix that. :-)

807.3. developer
(03/27/2009 07:16 PM)

will it allow me to extend for example the NotesUIView class? will it give me the handle of the HCOLLECTION currently viewed and things like this?

807.4. Richard Schwartz
(03/27/2009 07:27 PM)

Godot? Is that you? Now that you're here, what shall we do?

807.5. Ben Langhinrichs
(03/27/2009 07:27 PM)

The toolkit will only allow you to access or extend backend classes, so none of the NotesUIxxx classes. You can obviously use the NotesView, NotesViewNavigator and such

807.6. Julian Woodward
(28/03/2009 09:39)

I'm looking out of the window - nope, no airborn pork.

I'm checking the calendar - nope, a few days short of 1st April.

Blimey, must be true then.

Perhaps the new question should be "So, the 'Meet the developers' session has clearly been successful in alerting the team to some shortcomings and issues that need resolving. When will we see a 'Meet the marketer(s)' session along similar lines? (And in which broom-cupboard will it be held?)"