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BOGO Servers (to celebrate Domino 10)

Thu 20 Sep 2018, 02:57 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs

At Genii Software, we're very excited about Notes/Domino 10 and all the opportunities it presents. We have new features planned for all our server-based products, though some will roll out right away and others will take longer. We aim to take advantage of every new capability, including coordination and integration with Node JS when that is ready (and stable - let's be honest). Truth be told, Domino 10 offers all of us a lot, but doesn't remove the need for the high quality rendering Genii Software is famous for providing. Rendering to MIME, HTML, JSON, CSV, EPUB, and more. Mobile/web/Notes client integration. Much more.

To share our excitement, and to help you prepare to get the most out of Domino 10 when your company gets there, and to minimize the pain until you do, we are offering a Buy One/Get One deal on server licenses for all our major products. Migration-specific and client licenses not included. Buy an AppsFidelity server license, get another at no cost. But three CoexLinks Fidelity server licenses, get three more at no cost. You get the idea.

We are extending this offer through the release of Domino 10 (or really to October 20th, because nobody moves quite that quickly). If you place an order or get an official quote by October 20th, you will get the additional licenses. If you already bought a server license (or three) in September, we will extend the offer to you as well.

Let's celebrate. Let's be ready. Let's hop off the fence and start investing in Domino and its related products again.


CoexLinks Fidelity

Midas C++

Midas LSX

Existing customers with negotiated contracts are not eligible for this offer.

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