AppsFidelity™ 4.1 - High fidelity editing and rendering

In our increasingly mobile world, people don't use Notes or the web, they use Notes and the web.

AppsFidelity Edit (formerly CoexEdit)
Whether you edit rich text from the Notes client or a web browser, you need functionality and ease of use. You don't need a loss of formatting or an unprofessional look. AppsFidelity gives you the power to edit Notes rich text from both the Notes client and a web browser while retaining all formatting. Images, attachments, tables and doclinks can all be added, deleted and modified cleanly from either your web editor or your Notes client.

Best of all, no scripts or agents are required.

The power of choice. The power of "

AppsFidelity Render
When your XPage, mobile or classic web app needs access to rich content, but needs to work with the results before displaying, AppsFidelity Render makes it available upon demand.

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AppsFidelity - your choice for editing

If you need technical support, or have additional questions: To ask questions that are not answered in our manual or database, contact our e-mail support. If you have an urgent problem or complex questions, please give us a call at +1 (216) 991-5220.

• Seamless editing of graphics, tables, links and formatted text between browser and Notes client
• Converts doclinks to URL links and back for linking within your context
• Create doclinks and link hotspots from a web editor
• Attach local files and local images from a web editor
• Provides access to include local and web based images

• Pasting of formatted content from MS Word and other applications
• Spell checking from web

System Requirements
• Web editor: Normally used with the integrated CKEditor in IBM Domino. Other web editors such as TinyMCE and Xinha require only a small integration effort
• Notes clients: ND6/6.5, ND7, ND8/8.5.x/9.x on Windows or Macintosh
• Domino server: R5, ND6/6.5, ND7, ND8/8.5.x/9.x on Windows 32-bit/64-bit and Linux 32-bit

A license for AppsFidelity is required for each IBM Lotus Domino server which uses the software. IBM Lotus Notes clients using the AppsFidelity client component are included at no additional cost. Production server licenses are $6500 US each, and development servers are $3250 US each. For large number of servers, please contact us for a quote at +1 216-991-5220, or by e-mail at There is a 20% maintenance charge per year, which includes customer service and technical support as well as free upgrades to AppsFidelity. The maintenance fee is waived for the first year, but must be maintained continuously thereafter to continue receiving support and upgrades. Full pricing and licensing information may be found on our AppsFidelity pricing page.