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Mon 12 May 2003, 10:59 PM
I have seldom been so confused since I started in this business. Evidence from my business says that the Notes/Domino market has finally really started to recover, with a great deal of interest and excitement about Notes/Domino 6 and new projects being started. I know that the economy is still slow globally, and that is evident, but the clients I talk to are much more upbeat and are starting to spend money, and spend it more readily and rapidly. This is a strong contrast from two years ago, when everybody delayed and delayed and tried to avoid committing to anything. Yet, everywhere on the forums, I read about people suffering from lack of work, lack of interest and lack of confidence. "There are no jobs", "Notes is dead" (again!), etc. is what I read.
Should I believe my personal experience or theirs? Am I just lucky to be on the upswing? Maybe the downturn has even made my products more appealing, but I am not sure why that wouldn't have come out before.
I hesitate to say anything ("the knock on wood" syndrome), but I think there is a boom starting, both in the Notes world and in IT in general. It may take a bit to pick up, and I don't think it will be the .COM bubble, but I think brighter times are coming, and have even started. Anybody else agree or disagree?

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