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Mon 19 May 2003, 11:12 AM
What do you do when you realize you have invented something new, but didn't recognize it for what it was?  Not quite serendipity, since I knew what I was creating, but simply didn't recognize the possible uses.

Anyway, I have started to realize that there is a lot of power in the concept I use in the LinkMatching method I mentioned before which uses a view to create cross reference links automatically.  I first added in @YourCommand for Notes R3, but I didn't realize that it might have more universal uses.  I have added several new methods into Midas 3.10 (soon to be released) which use these, include ReplaceMatching, AppendMatching, HighlightMatching and KeywordMatching, as well as the additional capabilities I built into the original LinkMatching earlier.  I mentioned some of this capability before in my second post on how Midas could help blogging, but I am starting to realize that there are uses outside of blogging.

The only problem I really see is, what do I call the darn thing?  Anybody have any idea what to call the whole concept of searching and acting on keywords derived from a view or external data set?  Keyword search?  Contextual cross references?  Simple KM? Data Mining for dummies?

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