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Wed 6 Aug 2003, 01:24 AM
On Ed Brill's advice, I read the recent article by Jeff Calow on Lotus Workplace.  The article is well written and strengthens my belief that IBM has something here.  They seem to have found a positive way to leverage the strengths of desktop clients, such as Notes 6 and a future "rich client" without the liabilities of the client server architecture.  I am interested, and am feeling more positive about this initiative all the time.  Maybe if I create that Midas for Java I blogged about, I can get it to work with the new (to-be-created) rich client as well.  In any case, I think this and the Domino Express offerings together are likely to breath a lot of life back into the Lotus world, which is already doing better than I think IBM expected with Notes/Domino 6.  My business is certainly booming, and with these sorts of initiatives, I am confident in the future of Genii Software as well.

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Wed 6 Aug 2003, 12:59 AM
While working on designing our new website, I was talking with Rocky about blogs and websites.  His blog gets almost 300 hits a day on a regular basix, but his website gets far fewer.  This is OK with him, because his "product", as it were, is himself, and he comes through more clearly on his blog than on his website.  My blog gets significantly fewer hits, more like 100 a day, but I get almost the same number of hits on my website as on my blog.  That is right for me, as we sell software products, so we want people to see those.

Anyway, it hit me that in this case, the weblog should not be a separate entity, but should be part of the actual website.  I don't just mean a link from the website, which it has had for a while, but a real integrated part of the website, with products and company information and such all accessible with a single click.  Since our new web design is very flexible, I started creating a version that would work this way this evening.  The main functionality was easy, but integrating the CSS was a pain.  Anyway, it is not 100% functional yet, but take a look at this link to see what it will look like when completed.

By the way, it is a tribute to the incredible flexibility and agility of Notes/Domino that I was able to spend a couple of hours, completely alter the look and feel and handling of this site, and actually make both sites available with the same data using different views and forms.  When I can do that with Websphere Portal and J2EE, I'll be impressed.

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