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Thu 7 Aug 2003, 02:45 PM
I have been very interested in the reactions people have to the new Lotus Workplace initiative.  There is some enthusiasm, some eye rolling, and some confusion.  Of course, the most interesting reaction, mostly because it doesn't come from me, is interest in the new "rich client" that is mentioned both in Jeff Calow's article that I blogged about yesterday, and in the webcast that Ed Brill recommended here in his blog.  I know why I am interested, but I wonder why others are.  It is often the first thing people mention, although that may be because it is still mysterious.

So I thought I should stop waiting, and start asking:  What do you hope the rich client is?  What do you need it to be?  What would you wish for in terms of features?

Do you hope it is a Notes Client Lite?  Do you need iNotes for Collaboration?  Would you wish for programmability with LotusScript?  What is it that everybody is picturing when this mysterious "rich client" is mentioned?  Let's let IBM know now before they spring a feature set on us, and perhaps we'll see some of our dreams come true.

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