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Thu 21 Aug 2003, 01:06 PM
A missed opportunity.  That is what it feels like when I go to a site, especially a product oriented site, and hit an error page such as that below.  This is the results of trying  [Warning: All links in this article are broken.  Intentionally, as you would understand if you were reading carefully.]  Why is this a missed opportunity?  Well, try Microsoft's site  Try Oracle's site  Even try IBM's site  Each one has links to places you could go.  Each is part of the main website, with access to menus and other ways to continue, while this error page says "Go away.  We are clueless."  

Having said all this, I must admit that our Genii Software website has had a pretty awful error page previously, but I have been working on building in the kind of site access that I admire in these other sites.  See  gibber.htm.  Not bad.  Unfortunately, our website is hosted by another company (a wonderful group in Calgary, Alberta, Canada called Kyros Systems Associates <-- the only working link in this article), so I have not yet gotten to redirect to my error page yet.  Sigh!

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