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Mon 9 Feb 2004, 03:49 PM
I am about to release the last (I hope) beta version of our @Midas Formulas, and I am trying to determine whether or not to add the Help documents for @Midas to the Midas Rich Text LSX Help database.  The advantage to adding the two together is that many documents, especially those such as Working with HTML Generation, are almost identical, and it would be easier to keep one set of documentation.  (Easier for us, in this case at least, means more likely to be up to date and correct than if there were two versions.)  There are two disadvantages.  The first is that the sheer amount of information in the Help database may overwhelm someone trying to find out a sample formula solution to a problem.  The second is that there are ways in which Midas and @Midas differ, such as in assumptions about default values for certain methods/functions, so there is an opportunity for error where documentation states that one assumption is made but it is incorrect for the particular product you are using.   This may be particularly true of Release Notes, which may or may not apply to both products.

I have added a few @Midas help documents to the on-line Midas Help database to see how it feels.  Try our on-line Midas Help under the Contents tab and let me know what you think.

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