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Thu 26 Feb 2004, 01:00 AM
In reading Rocky's recent monster blog thread, I was struck by a technical observation totally separate from the content of the thread.  Why do we, as Domino developers using Domino templates, put up with the single response hierarchy?  Imagine how much more easily one could follow the comments and responses with a hierarchy, just like any Domino discussion would have.

Almost all of the Domino bloggers use a standard Domino blog template, such as Blogsphere from OpenNTF, so it is not because we don't control the technology.  Blogsphere is open source, as are most of the Domino blog templates, and we are all very familiar with hierarchical response threads, yet nobody is jumping in to add this to Blogsphere.  A few Domino bloggers, such as Richard and Andrew, actually use hierarchical response threads, but they are using home grown templates not available to the rest of us.  Maybe this isn't much of an issue because most response threads are short in the Domino blogging world, but I would think at least Rocky would have some incentive.

How about it?  Anybody going to add this to one of the freely available Domino templates?  Who can get it in first?

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