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Tue 9 Mar 2004, 03:36 PM
I have blogged about forward compatibility in the Notes C API before, but I had another example today.  A client called about a custom LSX I wrote for them in 1999, almost five years ago.  They had a small problem and wondered if I could take a look.  My only problem was, where was the source code.  I looked on my main development machine, my laptop, my old development machine, my even older development machine (duals boots with OS/2, so I keep it around), and finally hauled out the old laptop with the broken display that I have sitting in the corner because I never throw anything out.  The latest version of Notes on that machine is 4.6.2, and the OS is Windows 95.

The LSX used an earlier version of the LSX toolkit (as does our Midas Rich Text LSX, for that matter), and the latest version of Notes on that machine is 4.6.2, and the OS is Windows 95.  Yet the problem the customer is having has nothing to do with their using R5 or even testing with ND6, nor does it have to do with running XP.  Their problem is that for this little LSX, I hardcoded the temp directory as c:\temp, and they want to use a different temp directory.  Easy change I can make today, and they can keep using the utility for another five years.  I love forward compatibility.

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