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Wed 24 Mar 2004, 10:14 PM
First, Andrew's post:
As I'm sitting here getting NCT Search 3.0 beta 1 ready to send over to Jim at Brightline, I realized that the cache is a little too good --- if you make a change to a configuration form, you have to redeploy the servlet to get it to pick up (or drop the diiop task on the domino server and restart it).

Then Colin's post:
It's aliiiive! A wee C++ app connecting to MySQL using the MySQL C API. MySQL's C++ API (called MySQL++) and RedHat 7.3 don't seem to get along, so I decided to see how hard the plain ole C API would be to work with. It seems quite doable, and others have written their own C++ wrappers for the basic C API. After all, why not? A hidden upside was that by digging deeper into the C API, I also came across a few mentions that MySQL++ is highly inefficient.

And finally, my son's AIME question:
A convex polyhedron P has 26 vertices, 60 edges, and 36 faces, 24 of which are triangular, and 12 of which are quadrilaterals.  A space diagonal is a line segment connecting two non-adjacent vertices that do not belong to the same face.  How many space diagonals does P have?

What do these have in common?

I'll tell you... they are all completely insane sounding ramblings that make sense if I stare at them just long enough, but not too long.  Where does the human brain learn to decipher this stuff?

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