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Mon 26 Apr 2004, 04:54 PM
OK, I can't do much more than hint right now, but I happened to be reading the Redbook on Portalizing Domino Applications for Websphere Portal (just some light reading, mind you), and I noticed the following on page 264 (I added the red box around the first paragraph):

Inline JPEG image

We all know it, but it seems satisfying to see it in print:
Rich text is widely used in Domino applications, so it is important to display it in a Portlet.
Darn,  wouldn't it be nice if there were better tools for that?

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Mon 26 Apr 2004, 11:47 AM
Over on LNDCentral, which you should check out when you have a chance, there was an interesting article which caught my eye entitled Domino.doc implementation nominated for "IT project of the year".  This relates the story of HSBC moving implementing the e-Documents phase of its ambitious 'Future Workplace' initiative.
The e-Documents project has already enabled the company to eliminate nearly 70 per cent of its estimated 56km of stored paper and reduce its physical paper storage needs from 5.2 metres per person to just 2 metres.
The e-Documents team estimates that up to 3 terabytes of storage will be required for juts the first year.

The e-Documents project encompasses a lot of data stored a lot of different ways, but one of the sources of data is its extensive Notes/Domino system.  So, when documents are to be taken from that system and put into the new Domino.Doc system, what technology do you think they needed?

Midas Rich Text LSX technology.  The IGS consulting team working with HSBC had heard of the Midas Rich Text LSX's  ability to generate high quality HTML and its ability to allow great control of the generated output, and had experience with Midas from other projects, so they contacted us to set up tests to be sure that Midas scale to this level of throughput.  After all tests were deemed "extremely successful", HSBC incorporated Midas into the plan.

Almost a year and a half later, HSBC continues to use Midas, and has recently found new ways to use the technology.  In addition, HSBC divisions in other countries are also looking at using the technology.  Truly my idea of "IT project of the year".

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